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Friday, May 19, 2017

Inside America: Outside perspectives

Coffee and cash to go!  (Photo by Coolcaesar)
Being immersed in one culture often fools citizens into thinking it’s the only way.  Traveling broadens that horizon, as does listening to the feedback of travelers.

Insider offers a unique perspective into the American lifestyle:  the impressions of visitors from other countries.  These visitors have been amazed by the following:  huge restaurant portions, ubiquitous drive-thru establishments, enormous parking lots, omnipresent lawyer and pharmaceutical ads, large houses and cars, wide roads, a lack of privacy in public bathrooms, and a lack of inhibition among strangers.

And oh yes!  If the price tag says $5.00, why doesn’t $5.00 cover the bill?  A great question that American politicians should pay more attention to...


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