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Saturday, May 13, 2017

'Cigars and God' do the trick

Fountain of Youth?  (Photo by RMR Cigar)
In an era when we are learning to better honor our military, Richard Overton comes to mind.

Thought to be “America’s oldest,” World War II veteran Overton was honored by President Obama at Arlington National Cemetery in 2013.  Overton was “only” 107 at the time.

Still going strong at 111, he attributes such longevity to “cigars and God” (not necessarily in that order).  Overton smokes “twelve a day,” and eats salt (against doctors' wishes) “whenever I get ready.”

Thanks to the generosity of many, a GoFundMe initiative has thus far raised “$179,328” toward the “$200,000 goal for Overton’s 24/7 care.


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