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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Zsa Zsa's funeral: Let them not eat cake

Von Anhalt in 2008  (Photo from Udo Grimberg)
Zsa Zsa Gabor was not fond of most funeral eulogists. 

According to Frederic Prinz von Anhalt (“Love Potion Number Nine,” but who’s counting), Gabor would sit back and say:  Look at those phoney people...  They talk,
there are tears in their eyes.  They are so fake.  They are only coming for a piece of cake.  

There was no such nonsense at Zsa Zsa’s funeral.  Only two people took center stage, and one of them was dead.  The other was Von Anhalt.

Warm-up “acts” included a Catholic priest, Father Edward Benioff, who praised Gabor for everything Jesus said not to do.  He told the 100-or-so guests:  She epitomized and personified Hollywood glamour.

Then it was Frederic’s turn to crow.  In recounting this May-December relationship (his 73 to her 99), the word “fun” came up time and again.  Fun at the White House, fun with the Queen of England, fun even with the Pope – fun, fun, fun!

But fun alone does not a marriage make.  What truly sealed their vows was the dedication that Von Anhalt showed after Gabor’s car accident and stroke.  He promised not to leave her side, and he never did.  She was right there next to him, ashen within her favorite Louis Vuitton bag.


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