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Saturday, January 28, 2017

If they only had a heart

Special Olympics      (Public Domain)
It is often thought that those with developmental disabilities lack brains, but it is more likely that those judging them lack hearts.

Unfortunately, this is as literal as it is figurative.  So-called intellectually challenged individuals are being denied organ transplants because of perceived deficiencies.

The rationale is that such folks would not be able “to promote the viability of the organ by adhering to complicated medical regimens following transplantation.”  This difficulty would allegedly “constitute a waste of an organ… and would deprive someone else who could have benefitted.”

Said argument might have relevance for developmentally disabled individuals who lead solitary lives.  However, quality services exist to insure that such clients receive help with daily-living skills.  If an intellectually challenged, group-home resident were to receive an organ transplant, aides could be available to assist with the follow-up.

In fact, services for the developmentally disabled often far exceed those for elder “intellectuals” who are trapped in facilities euphemistically labeled “homes.”


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