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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Highway to hell? More like Candy Land

Harrowing of Hell   (Public Domain)
In the children’s game Candy Land, one false move and you’re back to square one.

On the expressway to hell, you’re already doomed, so why not relax and enjoy the Skittles?  At least that’s how one observer seems to view it.  Journalist Amanda Kooser of CNET described a Skittles-covered road in Wisconsin as “giving the appearance of a crimson highway to hell.

How is it that a Wisconsin highway ends up paved with Skittles?  It goes like this:  A truckload of the little red devils were being shipped as cattle feed because “they didn’t pass inspection at the factory.”

Lucky for the cattle (and for some burger fans), a rain storm came along and soaked the shipping container until it “gave way.”


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