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Monday, January 16, 2017

Skies not so friendly to birds

Canadian Geese    (Photo by Ken Billington)
United’s “friendly skies” are far more welcoming to humans than they are to birds.  

During the eight years since “Sully” landed a US Airways jetliner in the Hudson River, almost 70,000 birds have been slaughtered.  That’s because a flock of Canadian geese have been blamed for the engine failures.

Nevertheless, “it is not clear whether those killings have made the skies safer.”  In fact, the number of reported bird strikes has actually risen since then.

Perhaps less murderous and more effective solutions can be found.  Jeffrey Kramer of GooseWatch NYC suggests the implementation of better radar systems in order to “detect problematic flocks.”

Officials have meanwhile been trapping and relocating some birds,” while using “pyrotechnics and lasers to disperse others.”  Natural habitats near airports are being purposefully altered in order “to discourage nesting.”


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