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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Unto Death Don't They Part

Joey and Rory in 2010     (Public Domain)
Some marriages don’t let a "little" thing like death get in the way.

Nashville songwriter Rory Feek found the love of his life in wife Joey.  After only two months, he knew that she was THE ONE.  The feeling was mutual, but their marriage nevertheless took some rocky turns.

Love and commitment saw them through those early years, then served them well when Joey was diagnosed with cancer.  She died in March 2016.

It is now January 2017, and one of Rory’s New Year’s resolutions is to be “a better husband.”  He explains:  I don’t feel one ounce less married or less committed to Joey or less with her, even.

Rory emphasizes that this is not grief talking.  He further describes the feeling:  It’s a continual celebration of the gift that she’s been to me and still is to me.    


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