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Friday, December 9, 2016

What's in a name? With a 'pre-embryo,' plenty

Human Zygote    (Image from Gray's Anatomy)
While scientists and religionists rage on about when a human life actually begins, linguists are attempting to stack the deck.

Those that call fertilized eggs “pre-embryos” are anthropomorphizing these tiny entities.  Those who furthermore dub them “Emma” and “Isabella” are playing on the heartstrings of pro-life judges.

Such is currently the dilemma between Sofia Vergara and her ex-boyfriend, Nick Loeb.  Loeb is demanding sole custody of two frozen Vergara eggs, both of which were fertilized via IVF with Loeb’s sperm cells. These eggs “have not been implanted.”

So when is a person a person?  Does it begin with a fertilized human egg, with an implanted zygote, with a two-month-old embryo, with a six- month-old fetus?  This is the philosophical battle. 

Or does it begin with a contract stating which "parent" has the ultimate say over whether or not these eggs will be implanted?  This is the legal battle.

In Louisiana, an embryo can legally sue a person.  A pro-life group in that state has taken on Loeb’s case.  This group is determined to “protect the lives” of these two fertilized ova.  And who knows?  Two lovely ladies named Emma and Isabella might one day heartily thank their staunch advocates.


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