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Friday, December 30, 2016

Debbie Reynolds: Moving on

Debbie Reynolds, c. 1970   (Public Domain)
In death as in life, Debbie Reynolds had a unique capacity for graciously moving on.

While the world at large seethed with anger over the Fisher-Taylor affair and subsequent marriage, Reynolds made a concerted effort to forgive.  It didn’t come easy and it didn’t come fast, but America’s sweetheart eventually lived up to her Girl Scout reputation.

She not only reconciled with Taylor (on a cruise ship, no less), but even allowed Fisher back into her circle. Reynolds explained:  He did give me two great children and for that I will ever be grateful…  I believe in peaceful
coexistence and being friendly with the father of your children.
Reynolds’ strength was rooted in faith.  Raised as a  
Nazarene, she once stated:  Faith helps you to overlook 
other people’s shortcomings, and love them as they are.

When her beloved daughter left this world, Reynolds moved on again - this time for good.  Although the filial relationship had been quite rocky at times, Reynolds’ last words were filled with devotion:  I want to be with Carrie.


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