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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Never too late to say 'Thanks!'

(Photo by Marion Haworth)
Half a century later, and Gary Eckstein is still feeling incredibly blessed.

After being saved by a police officer years ago from the full effects of a head-on collision, Eckstein had a long recovery period.  He remembers little about that fateful night so long ago.

Eckstein does, however, remember that he “was brought up to say thank you.”  After getting married and moving away for decades, Eckstein recently returned to the vicinity of the accident.

He began to wonder “how cool would that be” if he could locate the officer who rescued him.  After some research, Eckstein learned that now-retired Officer Poe would be visiting the old neighborhood for Thanksgiving.

During an emotional reunion, Eckstein heard details about the rescue for the very first time.  Officer Poe had pulled him out of a burning car moments before a certain death.  In so doing, Poe had greatly risked his own life.

When Eckstein heard this story, he said to Poe:  Here’s my wife and kids.  You made this all happen. 


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