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Monday, December 5, 2016

Rudolph's red nose: Tomato sauce?

What about my slice of the pie?    (Public Domain)
While elves were tinkering with toys, Rudolph was sticking his nose into Domino’s business:  Pizza, that is.

Although the public had long feared that Rudolph’s rosy nosy indicated drunken debauchery, the truth can finally be told.  The culprit was not alcohol, but another popular addiction:  that delightful combination of dough, cheese and drippy red sauce.

Because hooves are notoriously difficult slice snatchers, Rudolph has been forced to snatch his pizza straight off the pie.  This entails a somewhat sloppy procedure, with a ruby proboscis being the inevitable result.  

After years of such bestial antics, Domino’s threatened to sue.  They managed to negotiate a deal in which Rudolph can slurp all the pizza he wants in exchange for delivering take-out pies during his worldwide travels.


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