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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Perpetual disputes: Moving right along

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Sometimes you can’t win for losing.  In long-term relationships, that’s often the trend.  The same issues come around time and again.

What to do?

Sometimes it’s more a case of what not to do.  Brandon Specktor of Reader’s Digest warns that the following rote responses can make matters worse:  I know how you feel.  (Really? How so?)  Calm down.  (When Hades freezes over…)  Shut up!  (You first!)  Here’s what you need to do…  (And here’s where you need to go…)

Specktor suggests that embattled couples become philosophical about their ups and downs.  Without becoming abusive, each partner can roll with the process rather than strive to come out a winner.

Differences can either be disputed or celebrated.  The latter path seems a whole lot more joyful.


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