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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Final regrets: If only...

(Photo by Diego Grez)
Although dying has its downsides, it certainly has a way of knocking things into perspective.

When palliative-care nurse Bonnie Ware asked patients what their deepest regrets were, the answers she received were quite instructive.  Since none of us really know when our last moments might be, it might be wise to heed these regrets here and now.

Regret number one, the first and foremost on patients’ minds, was this:  “Not being true to yourself.”  When life is lived by what others might think, dreams often go by the wayside.  Unfulfilled potential is a sad thing indeed.

Other intense regrets were as follows:  working too much, not paying enough attention to family and friends, burying authentic feelings, and not making happiness a conscious priority. 


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