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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Polly want a verdict?

An African Grey   (Photo by Lmbuga)
African grey parrots can “do simple math, speak with enormous vocabularies and demonstrate impressive inferential

Yeah, but can they testify?

When Bud (an African grey that allegedly witnessed a murder) began repeating what sounded like a threatening conversation,
people wondered whether these were the actual words that Bud had heard.  If so, could Bud be a credible witness at the trial?

Harvard associate Irene Pepperberg has her doubts.  She explains how difficult it would be for a parrot to repeat an entire conversation that was only heard once.  However, a traumatic event might be more easily remembered.  This is known as “flashbulb memory.”

It is therefore possible, but not highly probable, “that Bud overheard and repeated” the actual murderous conversation.


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