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Friday, July 8, 2016

Meats without Murder

Sacred Cow    (Public Domain)
If murder can be popularly defined as deliberate but unnecessary killing, then lab-grown meats are a giant step in the pro-life direction.

Companies such as Memphis Meats are aiming to produce delicious, cell-cultured meats that are economically competitive with butchered ones.  These laboratory meats would be antibiotic- and possibly pathogen-free.

Meat-cells would first be withdrawn from “ultra-high quality” animals, then cultivated “in a sterile environment.”  Fetal serum is currently needed in order to begin the cell-culture process, but scientists anticipate substituting a plant-based starter “in the near future.”

If all goes well, mass-produced meats will no longer depend upon the mass imprisonment, torture and murder of animals.  They will also result in far less pollution, and in far more available resources (e.g., energy, grain, land) for other purposes.


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