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Saturday, July 23, 2016

In the Dark with Dark Matter

(NASA/ESA photo)
Is it that the WIMPS (weakly interacting massive particlels) are too wimpy, or is it just too difficult to see invisible stuff?

Whatever the case, scientists from the Large Underground Xenon experiment at a South
Dakota abandoned gold mine, are still in the dark when it comes to dark matter.  Although researchers descended more than 4,800 feet and spent over $10 million, they could not fathom those mysterious depths.

Dark matter is thought to comprise “more than four-fifths of the universe’s matter.”  Richard Gaitskell of Brown University theorizes that these particles “pass through Earth every second.”  He also admits that there is a “slight and unlikely” possibility “that scientists are looking for something that isn’t there.”

Perhaps they'll find something that is, instead.


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