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Friday, July 15, 2016

Hear Ye, Here Ye

Human Eardrum  (by Michael Hawke, MD)
When ear plugs just don’t cut it, have you ever wished for ear lids?  Or perhaps for earmuffs that function like sunglasses?

Something better than that is heading our way.  According to Live Science, “new earbuds from the Here Active Listening [system] can now instantly transform sounds from your surroundings.”

Folks will be able to personalize their soundscapes via a Bluetooth wireless connection.  The technology within each
ear bud is capable of modifying incoming sounds within “30 millionths of a second,” resulting in “no perceivable delay” for the listener.

Is that next-door neighbor rocking out at top volume?  No need to pound on walls, simply adjust the buds.  Have you had enough nagging for one night?  No need to stomp out the door, simply adjust the buds.

Although not meant to replace hearing aids or ear-protective systems, Here Active Listening can make life a whole lot more palatable.


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