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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Juno: When in Rome and beyond

Juno Statue    (Photo by Shakko)
With Juno still chasing after Jupiter, there is much news today about this divine couple.

Even within ancient times, Juno was a force to be reckoned with.  As the daughter of Saturn, she ran rings around all other goddesses.  It also helped that she was chief-god Jupiter’s wife (and sister!).

No shrinking violet, Juno was often portrayed in military regalia.  With a peacock by her side and a goatskin over her shoulders, the goddess was ready for action.,

And there was certainly plenty of that!  As patron goddess of Rome and the Empire, Juno was sovereign and charismatic.  Her various epithets reflect her many roles:  Curitis (spear holder), Regina (queen), Mater (mother), Moneta (money), Lucina (childbirth), Sospita (savior) and Februalis (fertility).

Wikipedia explains that "the association of Juno and Jupiter is of the most ancient Latin theology.”  They ruled over pretty much “every Latin town.”  As their Empire now expands astronomically, may better natures rule and the rest be burned in Jupiter’s fiery furnace.


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