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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Evolution or devolution: A genetic choice?

1871 Cartoon  (Public Domain)
Evolution, once thought to take thousands of years at the least, is now known to be “simply about the increased representation of genes in
future populations and decreased representations of others.”

Therefore, evolution is constantly occurring from one generation to another.  Even the number of children that a particular couple chooses to have can influence the overall gene pool.

This has some scientists worried.  They theorize that because highly educated people are choosing to have fewer children, the overall population’s intelligence might decrease.  This problematic trend is known as dysgenics.

Other scientists, however, beg to differ.  They contend that predictions of devolving “idiocracy” have little to do with our genes.  Hopefully, this latter theory is correct.  Otherwise, 500 years from now, folks may “live in plastic huts and watch even dumber television than they do today.”    


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