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Monday, June 13, 2016

'Reincarnation' While Living

Wheel of Life  (Photo by Laurent Belanger)
If Chinese scientists have their way, death will no longer be a prerequisite for “reincarnation.”

Orthopedic surgeon Xiaoping Ren plans to connect a severed living head to the body of a deceased donor.  In order for this procedure to work, Ren intends to “connect the blood vessels… insert a metal plate to stabilize the new neck, bathe the spinal cord nerve endings in a gluelike substance to aid regrowth and finally sew up the skin.”

Mice who were subjected to this surgery “only lived for a day after the transplant.”  Some consider such experimentation to be ethically questionable.  When it fails, the recipient dies.

If it were ever to be successful, this living “reincarnation” could “help people who are paralyzed.” 


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