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Friday, June 10, 2016

Jupiter: Pursuing those heavenly bodies

Venus    (NASA photo)
Like the macho planetary king that he’s always been, Jupiter is currently in hot pursuit of moon goddess Diana.

Aglow with “47 percent illumination,” Diana’s heavenly body is hard to resist.  Jupiter has therefore been seen “hovering about 4 to 5 degrees” to his ladylove’s right.

Rubber necks will be especially stretched by this celestial PDA.  Voyeurs should enjoy it while they can for it won’t last long.  By 1 a.m., these lovers will retreat to their own private party below the horizon.

But kings will be kings.  After Jupiter has his way with Diana, he will begin eyeing Venus.  This may prove his undoing.  When it comes to love, Aphrodite reigns supreme.  By mid-July, “Jupiter will slowly go down in prominence as Venus comes up.”       


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