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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Quasi-Moon Over Miami

Monsoon Over Miami  (Photo by Marc Averette)
For those who feel cheated when hearing about all the moons that other planets have, rest assured that Earth now has a moon and a “half.”

Its newfound quasi-moon is otherwise known as asteroid 2016 HO3.  Not a catchy song title, but nevertheless an intriguing one. 

This asteroid was discovered just recently (thus the “2016” moniker).  Its exact size is unknown, but scientists estimate the width to be about 130 to 330 feet. HO3’s own orbit around the sun “keeps it as a constant companion of Earth.”  It never comes closer than 9 million miles to our planet, which makes for a safe relationship.

So go ahead, pay melodious homage to that quasi-moon over Miami.  Who knows?  You may then then become "Numero Uno" on The Voice.  In this wild and wonderful universe we inhabit, stranger things than that have occurred. 


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