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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Forever with Fido

Elsie the Cow    (Fair Use)
Because Fido has so faithfully followed New Yorkers in life, legislators are now seeking to extend that bond past death.

Associated Press reports that the New York State Legislature “has passed a bill allowing cemeteries, except for religious ones, to offer people the option of being buried with the
cremated remains of a dog, cat or other tame domesticated animal.”

This is a leap forward in “honoring the bond between human and beast.” New York dogs are furthermore able to accompany their owners onto restaurant patios.  A ban on cat declawing is also being considered.

Nevertheless, many sentient beings continue to be unnecessarily maimed, imprisoned, tortured and murdered.  Some of those same eateries that allow Fido on the patio are no doubt grinding up Elsie for dinner.


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