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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Kevin Durant: No matter what

Durant in 2014  (Photo by Keith Allison)
It couldn’t have been easy losing to the Golden State Warriors during this week’s finals.  Nevertheless, Kevin Durant has cultivated the habit of considering himself blessed, no matter what.

Even after losing to the Miami Heat back in 2012, Durant had nobly affirmed:  Tough way to end the season, but I am truly blessed to have the privilege to play for such a great city, congrats to the Miami Heat.

This is sportsmanship at its spiritual best, imbued with gratitude and humility.

This is Durant being thankful for such gifts by developing them to the utmost.  This is Durant “attempting to get closer to God by reading Scripture every day.”  This is Durant carrying a Bible in his backpack.

Despite the losses, this is still Durant, keeping his head high and his heart open.


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