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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Steph Curry a shoe-in

Curry in 2014  (Photo by TonyTheTiger)

Whether Curry and the Warriors win or lose tonight, Steph is still a shoe-in for greatness.

Not because of the way he handles the ball (although that certainly helps), but because of the way he handles himself.  Whether the public is trashing his sneakers, his performance, his family or himself, Curry keeps his cool and dishes back respect.

When fur is flying over what Curry regards as “competitive talk,” he repeats again and again that such feelings are best left on the court.  He remembers that basketball is a game, and that love is a bigger game.  As a Christian, he practices what is so often only preached.

Not letting the public dictate what his persona should be, Curry expresses much individuality through his footwear.  Whether it’s Bumble Bee Highs or Grandpa Lows, he takes it all in stride.  This fine sense of Self is what makes Steph a role model, on and off the court.


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