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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Duck, duck, rabbit

(Public Domain)
“Duck, duck, goose” has been a popular children’s game for ages.  But when kids grow up, what do they play then?

If social media is any indication, adults are having a ball with “Duck, duck, rabbit,” a 19th-century optical illusion that has now gone viral.

More fun than even the Rorschach test (and definitely more jolly than an MRI), this sketch of a rabbit facing right and/or a duck facing left (depending upon how its perceived) is being used to predict a viewer’s creative abilities.

If the viewer sees only the duck or the rabbit, then his or her ability to think outside the cage may be somewhat limited.  If the viewer can instead flip perceptions back and forth between the duck and the rabbit, than he or she may be a budding Michelangelo.

Unless, of course, the whole thing smacks of quackery…


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