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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Trump and West: 'Liar Liar' revisited

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Back in the 90s, a bittersweet movie called “Liar Liar,” starring Jim Carrey, was quite popular.

Carey’s character, Fletcher Reede, could neither tell a lie nor withhold the truth during most of the film.  This meant that Fletcher’s edit switch was on “off” mode, and he would therefore say whatever popped into mind.

Today’s version of this story line seems to center upon two public characters:  Donald Trump and Kanye West.  It seems that both these celebrities suffer from the same mouthy malady.

Trump’s recent response to a protester was to announce urges to punch this “heckler” in the nose and have him carried out on a stretcher.

West’s rants against other musicians have come to be expected.  This week’s edition was (yet again) aimed at Taylor Swift, plus at a music critic and a fellow rapper.

Carrey's character had to learn the hard way that it is often better to soften your words with empathy and compassion.  Trump and West have not yet gotten that memo.


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