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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

James Robertson: Big money, little change

It's only money...       (Public Domain)
After all those stories about lottery riches ruining lives, it’s refreshing to hear about James Robertson. 

Maybe it’s because Robertson didn’t win the lottery.  Maybe it's because he instead gained 
his money through hard work, perseverance and force of character.

When word got out that Robertson was trekking miles per day to and from his factory job, and that he never ever missed a day of work, donations started pouring in.  He now has a “2015 red Ford Taurus sedan,” plus a nest egg of “roughly $360,000.”

These gifts enabled Robertson to move “from Detroit to suburban Troy.”  His work commute is now a mere 12 minutes each way.  Notice that Robertson is still working.  With a shiny new car and bank account, folks have been asking him why.

Robertson’s answer:  I don’t change that for no one.  The Associated Press reports that he "prizes his friendships at work."  Robertson's plant manager recently added:  That money, none of it changed him one bit.  James is still one of the most loving, caring people I know.


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