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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hephaestus: The original workaholic

Heph's Temple, Still Standing!   (Photo by Longbow4u)
Poor old Hephaestus, rejected early on by queen-bee mother Hera, was constantly driven to prove himself worthy.

As many on Wall Street do, “Heph” (not to be confused with Hugh Hefner, although underlying motives may have been similar) sought selfhood via workaholism.

Forging a legacy with a hammer, anvil and tongs was Heph’s specialty.  He became a renowned blacksmith, creating weapons for mortals and immortals alike.  He attracted his own particular cult, which is how you know you’ve really made it.

But workaholism does have its price.  After fashioning Hermes’ winged helmet, Achilles’ armor, Helios’ chariot, Eros’ bow and arrows, the Aegis breastplate, and even Aphrodite’s famed girdle, Heph still felt less-than deserving.

He therefore decided to outdo himself by creating Pandora, the very first mortal woman.  She, in turn, felt compelled to open a forbidden box, the contents of which have horribly affected humankind.

Had Heph just kicked back and rested on his many laurels before unleashing Pandora on the world, things would be a lot better here on Planet Earth.  But Heph might then have been long ago forgotten.  And for one so driven, notoriety is certainly better than nothing.


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