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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Superstar 59: Playoffs and Payoffs

Montana in 2006  (Flickr photo by Phil Hull)
Fourteen years with the NFL has turned out to be a huge pain in the neck for Joe Montana.  After three fusion surgeries, it feels like he’s headed for a fourth.

Hardly a night goes by that Montana isn’t awakened by hands that “hurt like crazy.”  Hardly a day goes by when walking isn’t a struggle.  Due to “nerve damage in one of his eyes… from head trauma,” even seeing is no longer believing for this 59-year-old superstar.

According to Josh Peter of USA TODAY Sports, Montana “will handle the coin toss at Super Bowl 50.”  However, there’s nothing super about the injuries sustained during his fabled career. 

With the wisdom that comes from painful experience, Montana may even be wondering whether past playoffs have been worth subsequent payoffs.


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