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Monday, February 1, 2016

Multi-planet species? Elon Mask votes 'Yes!'

Space X Headquarters      (Public Domain)
Elon Musk is hoping to have some paying pals on Mars by the year 2025. 

Feeling that this is of utmost importance to humanity, Musk explains:  Do we want a future when we’re forever confined to one planet until some eventual extinction event… Or do we want to become a multi-planet species?

Musk votes a hearty “Yes!” for the latter.   He intends to personally visit the International
Space Station within the next five years.  If this seems like a lofty goal, Musk begs to differ. “It’s not that hard to float around,” he says.

This might be the case (or not), but landing a rocket could be a whole lot tougher. Musk’s most recent attempt to land a Space X rocket “on a floating platform known as a droneship” went up in flames.


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