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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hints of Spring or Spring itself?

Saint Brigid     (Public Domain)

What with groundhogs popping out of burrows, it seems as though Spring is right around the corner.  But what if it’s already here?

Long before some Northern cultures deemed Spring to begin on the March equinox, others had begun their own seasonal shifts at the beginning of February.  These early birds included the Chinese (whose traditional Spring begins around February 4th), the Celts (whose Spring has long begun in eartly February at Imbolc or Candlemas), and the Irish (with St. Brigid’s Day on February 1st).

Mother Nature, however, does not generally kowtow to calendars.  She is continuously at work… mixing, matching and merging what we call seasons.  Some years, it seems as though Winter won’t relinquish its icy grip until June.  Other years, it seems as though Winter itself is hibernating.

So if you’re itching for Spring to arrive, why not welcome it here and now?  All it takes is a glance at the sun, a sniff of the air, and a leap in the heart.  This can be done whenever and wherever the essence of springtime lights up your life.


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