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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Should Eli have to explain?

Eli Manning in 2016  (Public Domain)
Pretty much everyone enjoys the spotlight when they’re feeling and doing their best.  That seems to be how human nature works.

The reverse is also true.  Most folks do not want in-your-face cameras and questions when they’re thinking their own thoughts and feeling their own feelings.

Such was likely the case with Eli Manning when his brother Peyton’s team scored a crucial touchdown.  At that point, cameras should have been on the players, and the players alone.  Instead, prying lenses were poked into Manning-family faces in order to note some intimate reactions.

Was Eli happy for his brother at that moment?  If not, why not?  Was there some dirt to be dug in the midst of all the excitement?  Perhaps some sibling rivalry of old?  Perhaps some jealousy of new?  Doesn’t matter, the media was determined to speculate.

So the big news lately is that Eli came forth with an explanation.  Daniel O’Leary of the New York Daily News reports that Eli was merely “thinking hard about whether brother Peyton’s team should kick the extra point or go for two.”

Innocent enough.  Smooth, too.  But should Eli have to explain his so-called poker face?  Perhaps it’s the media that has some explaining to do about this blatant invasion of family privacy.


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