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Friday, February 19, 2016

Pandora's phone: Averting another Fall

Look out now!  (by J. W. Waterhouse)
For many an Ancient Greek, Eve was not the first mortal woman, Pandora was.

Allegedly fashioned from leftover lava, Pandora was looked upon as a “beautiful evil.”  Given her origins, she must have been one hot tamale.

In order to tone her down, wise old Athena “taught her needlework and weaving.”  This, however, didn’t stick.  Pandora was instead fascinated with a forbidden box (some say jar) that she was told to never EVER open.

Because this is like telling someone to never think of the word “hippopotamus,” Pandora was drawn to open that box.  When she inevitably did, drudgery, illness and “a myriad other pains” came flying out into the world.

Alas!  This was not to be undone.  We are still suffering the slings and arrows of that outrageous misfortune.

To make matters worse, another Apple is now in grave danger of being bitten.  The United States government has been urging Apple CEO Tim Cook to allow for a “back door” into currently encrypted iPhone data.

This would be a good time for Cook to review ancient literature.  Lest Apple (and the free world) turn to applesauce, Cook must remain strong in the face of such wily temptation.


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