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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trumpler trumps Trump

Trumpler 14     (ESA/Hubble photo)
What glows even brighter and emits even more hot air than Donald Trump?

That would be Trumpler 14, “a collection of about 2,000 young stars that lies 8,000 light- years from Earth, near the center of the Carina Nebula.”

Like Trump, these stars are leading a fast and fiery life.  Burning the hydrogen at both ends, these glittering “jewels” are expected to “meet a dramatic demise and explode” within the not- too-distant astronomical future.

Our more even-tempered sun is far older and wiser.  Whereas Trumpler 14 is just half-a-million years young, Earth’s ball of fire is still going strong at 4.6 billion. Whereas Trumpler’s surface temps exceed 90,000 degrees F, the sun clocks in at a cool and collected 10,000 degrees.

There's a lesson in this somewhere.  If not political, than certainly philosophical. 


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