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Friday, January 8, 2016

Dogbear, beardog, both or neither?

A 1915 Pomeranian     (Public Domain)
Sometimes even delineations such as “species” tend to fade.  Sometimes it’s even difficult to determine whether an organism is a dog or a bear.

The Internet crowd recently wrestled with such a dilemma.  Not since Clark Kent and Superman has identity been so outright confusing.

Inquisitr reports that an uploaded photo of “the ball of fur, with a remarkably sharp array of teeth” set off an equally sharp array of comments.  A few went like this:  That’s not a dog that’s a baby Ewok. I like my bear cubs on the rocks.  No, that’s baby seals.

This virtual fog cleared when the ball of fur’s human companion finally weighed in.  Ryan Horn of The Dog Spot (that’s a clue) confirmed that the “cub” was indeed a pup. “A female Pomeranian-mix” named Bounce, to be exact.

Bounce lives up to her name and species when she bubbles over with good will toward people.  However, she also “just loves to sleep and doesn’t bark much.”  Hmmm…   Perhaps the jury’s still out on this one.


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