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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Trump: Thumping while stumping

First Presbyterian Church, Muscatine, Iowa  (by Magicpiano)

Bible thumping has become a part of the Trump presidential campaign. 

While swelling with pride about a religion rooted in humility, Trump has proclaimed his Presbyterian background.  Thinking that voters need “proof” of these “Christian credentials,” Trump has been known to wave a “childhood Bible and a photo of his confirmation” before the masses.

Why just this week, Trump ducked into a service at the First Presbyterian Church of Muscatine, Iowa.  After listening to Paul’s classic comparison of Christ’s Body to the human body, Trump wondered aloud whether some of the verses were “aimed” his way, especially those imagining one body part telling another, “You’re fired!”

Hopefully, Trump absorbed key points from the message that the Rev. Dr. Pamela Saturnia delivered.  She reminded folks in the pews that Jesus came for many outside of the establishment.  He preached “healing and acceptance” for those “most discriminated against, the most forgotten in our community and in our world.”

Rather than waving his Bible, Trump might do well to study it again.  He, along with supporters Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Robert Jeffress, might then be vividly reminded of that which is core to Christianity. 


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