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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Skylands Animal Sanctuary: Ready for Freddie

GowSala (Cow Shelter) in India    (Photo from Gpics)

There’s a song sung by Donovan called “Donna Donna.”  Its mournful lyrics end with these hopeful words: Calves are easily bound and slaughtered, Never knowing the reason why, But whoever treasures freedom, Like the swallow has learned to fly.

Just last week, Freddie the cow was being led to slaughter.  Like the swallow, she flew the coop. Running through the streets of New York City, Freddie led police on a wild cow chase.

When Freddie was finally captured in Queens, her future was looking real dim.  Despite her courageous bid for freedom, she was still slated for slaughter.

Then along came Mike Stura, an animal rights activist from rural New Jersey.  New York Daily News reported that Stura “waited all night outside the Jamaica market with a truck and a trailer to bargain for the brave bovine.”

In speaking with Freddie’s “owner,” Stura “impressed upon him several times that 38 billion cattle go to the food industry,” and that “it’s nice if one lives once in a while.”

After Stura's overnight vigil, complete with “protestors and the media spotlight,” the owner finally relented.  Stura and the now-named “Freddie” (after Queen's lead singer, Freddie Mercuty) then headed for their farm sanctuary across the mighty Hudson.

Sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side.


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