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Thursday, January 28, 2016

H2...Oh! When gaming the basis of life

Watery World      (NASA photo)
It’s one thing (and not necessarily a good thing) to play games with money, but quite another to game the basis of life itself.

Yet this could be exactly what’s been happening in major cities throughout the United States.  Medical Daily reports that the water problem in Flint, Michigan may not be  unusual.

Word has it that water tests “are being manipulated in ‘every major U.S. city east of the Mississippi.”  How so?  According to sources supposedly in the know, tap water is deliberately being run “long enough to flush
out lead before testing.”  Tests are allegedly being cut short so that full-spectrum evidence will not appear.

If these allegations are correct, then “roughly 96 million Americans are at risk for drinking unsafe water.”  This could result in a losing endgame for all too many.


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