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Friday, January 29, 2016

Boom Over New Jersey

F/A-18C Hornet    (Photo by Bernardo Malfitano)
It appears that the military’s answer to “Moon Over Miami” is “Boom Over New Jersey.”

While still recuperating from a recent blizzard, the Jersey Shore was rocked with a series of tremors.  Was it a bird? No.  Was it a plane? Yes.  Was it an earthquake?  Decidedly not.

These tremors were associated with routine flight testing “over the Atlantic,” which the Navy claims, “… may have caused sonic booms.”

Sound travels at 768 miles per hour.  When airplanes travel faster than that, “sound waves can hit the Earth and cause shaking, which is sometimes mistaken for an earthquake.”

The same phenomenon happened this week in Charleston, South Carolina when F-18  fighter jets were “on a training run from a nearby military base.”

Kind of makes you wonder what all this testing will ultimately produce.  After all, “on earth as it is in heaven” was never meant to feel this shaky.


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