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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tiger Woods: Greatness is forever

Woods at 'We Are One' in 2009   (Public Domain)
Groupies tend to go by the rule, “You’re only as good as your latest mistake.”

Champs, on the other hand, often believe this:  Greatness is forever.  They don’t give up during a bleak run of events.  They simply try harder.

Now Tiger Woods is far from perfect.  That is the human condition.  Nevertheless, in both golf and relationships, he keeps trying.

The world is suddenly on Woods’ side again because he “done good” at Day 1 Wyndham. If he flubs up next time around, folks will be back to saying that he’s washed up and boring.

What’s actually boring is the predictability of such feedback.  Humans might wish to look beyond the surface ripples and peer into the depths. They might then more easily conclude:  Greatness is forever.

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