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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Music: Why so seductive?

Muse   (circa 430 BC)
There’s a reason why sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll are often closely linked.

Rachel Cruz of HNGN reports that feelings about music can “be as intense as having orgasms.”  While hearing their favorite songs, some listeners experience a “tingling sensation,” 

This sensation, also known as “frisson” or “skin orgasm,” is sometimes accompanied by “sweating, trembling and even arousal.”  There are universal aspects to this response, but also highly individual ones.  Sensations may be similar, but can vary in their bodily locations.

Researchers have tracked pertinent brain activity with an fMRI scanner, and found that “at least 80 percent of the [listening] participants exhibited the [above-mentioned] physical reaction.”  

Some reacted strongly to classical music, others to pop and folk tunes.  “Marked changes in the brain” seemed to directly correlate with fluctuations in harmony, melody and volume.

Because similar responses occur with sex and drugs, “shiver-inducing songs” have been called “addictive.”


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