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Monday, August 10, 2015

Kathie Lee Gifford: Faith journey

(Photo by Greg Hernandez)
In response to “gridiron great” Frank Gifford’s death, wife Kathie Lee and family remain “steadfast in our faith.”

Kathie Lee’s recent tweet also makes reference to Phillippians 4:13, which states:  I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. (KJV)  She furthermore finds comfort “in knowing where Frank is.” explains that Kathie Lee, born Kathryn Lee Epstein, “grew up in a culturally Jewish environment” and had one Jewish grandparent.

When she was 12, Kathie Lee watched a Christian film, The Restless Ones, which made a deep impact upon her.  She then “became a born-again Christian.”

After meeting Anita Bryant five years later, Kathie Lee was introduced to the world of Christian entertainment.  She afterwards began professionally singing with Oral Roberts’ World Action Singers.

Kathie Lee, however, became disillusioned with both Bryant and Roberts.  After a six-year marriage to Christian music publisher Paul Johnson, Kathie Lee began forging a more personal spiritual path.

Her faith has seen her through many a crisis, and has apparently been a major part of her overall journey.


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