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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Celine Dion: Keeping priorities straight

Dion in 2012    (Photo by Georges Biard)
Although Celine Dion will soon be returning to Caesars Palace after a year’s leave, her priorities are still right in order.

During her hiatus from performing, Dion has been caring for husband Rene Angelil.  USA Today reports that Angelil, 73, has been battling throat cancer. 

This caregiving experience has been intensely emotional for all concerned.  Nevertheless, Dion states, “But Rene really gave me a gift.”

Together they have grieved, and together they have taught one another to face whatever life has to offer.  Now Angelil insists that his wife “return to what she loves.”

To their credit, Angelil’s doctors don’t profess to know how much longer he’ll live.  While being fed intravenously for the past two years, he continues to bravely battle on.

Dion concludes, “…my biggest job is to tell my husband we’re fine.  I’ll take care of our kids.  You’ll watch us from another spot.”


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