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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Can't snow this pregnant meteorologist

Woman at WIC   (USDA photo)
As TV meteorologist Katie Feglinger’s body swelled with love for her unborn twins, viewers began sending nasty messages about her pregnant look.  

Rather than shame or intimidate her, such hate mail ignited Feglinger’s sense of advocacy.  US Magazine reports that she “then felt a need to draw a line and speak up.”

Acknowledging that people have a right to their opinions, Feglinger nevertheless sensed that motherhood itself was being attacked.  She therefore penned a Facebook “manifesto” in support of all current and future mothers.

Excerpts from her writings include the following:  I will gladly gain 50 pounds & suffer sleepless, uncomfortable nights if it means upping my chances to deliver 2 healthy baby girls.

Feglinger then reminded critics that they, too, were brought into this world via the swollen bodies of pregnant women. 


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