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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Food on fire: Steamrolling tactics

Steamrolling...    (Photo by BulldozerD11)    
Most of the time, food burns because some cook forgot to lower the flame.

In Russia these days, another reason is becoming all too common.  USA Today reports that Vladimir Putin has ordered the destruction of all banned food products from the United States and Europe.

Food from these places has been banned in retaliation for Western sanctions on Russia.  “Contraband” meats, milk products and fruits that have managed to slip through are now being deliberately burned and steamrolled.

Many are aghast at the prospect of destroying food which the world literally hungers for. World War II veterans who recall the blockade of Leningrad, “when hundreds of thousands of people died of hunger,” are calling this tactic a “mockery.”

Protesters are instead calling for the donation of such food to the needy.  Residents in border towns have meanwhile been trying to salvage whatever they can.


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