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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sister Megan Rice: Sounds of silence and speech

Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant     (Public Domain)
Sister Megan Rice knows whereof she speaks, and whereof she has been silent.

In an article for The Times Union, she writes that her silence concerning nuclear arms lasted for many years.  While growing up next door to a member of the Manhattan Project, Rice had experienced the secrecy shrouding this endeavor firsthand.

Shortly after the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, Rice’s Uncle Walter arrived there. As a 1st lieutenant in the Marines, he too remained silent about the atrocities he had witnessed.

Back around 1980, Rice began voicing her opposition to such destruction.  She subsequently participated in non-violent protests in New York City, Nevada and Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

At age 82, her Oak Ridge involvement (splashing “blood on a uranium facility” there) yielded her two years in prison.  Nevertheless, she is still speaking out.

Rice can be heard at the upcoming 17th Annual Kateri Peace Conference at Fonda, New York on Friday and Saturday, August 14th and 15th


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