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Friday, August 28, 2015

Hit the road, Mach

Niccolo Machiavelli    (by Santi di Tito)  
“Mach,” short for Machiavellian, denotes a person who acts like a “manipulative jerk.”

Machiavellians tend to “deceive people for their own benefit… see others are weak and untrustworthy, and… ignore moral codes.”

Tanya Lewis of Business Insider reports that although most people have elements of these behaviors, some are considered to be “high Machs.”

During a recent Hungarian study, 16 out of 38 university students scored at a “high Mach” level.  Whereas “low Machs” returned fair offers with fair offers, “high Machs” took advantage of fair offers by manipulating others for personal gain.

Unfortunately, there are material rewards for “high Mach” behavior.  Lewis states that “those who scored high on the Machiavellian scale also earned more money…”


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