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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mayim Bialik: Faith in Hollywood not 'trendy'

Bailik in 2011     (Photo by Tabercil)
Although some faith-related practices have found favor within Hollywood’s “hip” sectors, traditional religious observances seem far less trendy.

Natalie Stone of The Hollywood Reporter writes that Mayim Bialik, star of Big Bang Theory, is a “Jewish married mother of two” who recently visited a friend in Israel.

For this, Bialik received “a lot of negative attention.”  She does not just attribute such flak to political sentiment, but also to “anti-Semitism.”  Bialik recently explained, “It really doesn’t matter what I support or believe, the fact that I’m Jewish and go there is enough – that should be alarming to most people.”

Perhaps if Bialik were to sport a crimson bracelet, she would be more accepted within certain starlit circles. However, she simply states, “I study Jewish texts weekly.” 

Nothing too flashy about that.


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