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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

G. I. Dean: Circle complete

(Photo by Evan-Amos)
What goes around, comes around.  This ancient truth can be either apparent or subtle.  In G. I. Dean Prough’s case, it is mighty apparent.

Prough, now 94, was part of the “5th Armored Division that had landed at Utah Beach weeks after D-Day, fought through France, liberated Luxembourg and pushed into Germany within 45 miles of Berlin.”

While rolling through a small German town with his convoy, Prough noticed a pigtailed young girl running alongside.  She was begging for food.

Prough gave this German girl not one, but three, candy bars.  He then took a photo with her and signed it “Dean Prough, Ottumwa, Iowa.” 

She told him that her name was Maria.  Prough even tried to adopt her, but the Army would not permit this.

Not too long ago, Prough received a phone call from Maria’s daughter.  She told him that Maria had been living in America for years, and wanted to meet with her “guardian angel” one last time.

USA Today reports, “They met in Texas, where both have children living.”  Prough then gave her “a dozen red roses and a Hershey bar,” saying:  I think this is where we left off.


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